'New' Cat aggression

Brought Mark (10-year-old male ) into my home in Feb. to join survivor (lost 2 brothers and a sister over 5 years) Stanley, 12-year-old male. Both neutered. Mark let Stanley groom him and all was good. Forward to 6 weeks ago and Mark is ATTACKING (blood, fur flying) Stanley. Stan now cowers and growls, hides under the bed. I also have 2-year-old spayed female , Lala, brought in 2 months ago. No problems there.
Separated Mark and Stanley yesterday - Mark in bedroom - Stan in living room with Lala. Came home and Stan was on the sofa as he used to be. Separated them at bedtime, myself and Stan in the bedroom, lala and Mark in the living room. This morning, Mark back in the bedroom and Stan in the living room. When I opened the bedroom door, Stan ran right in and under the bed and laid there about a foot from Mark. Both just sat. So i left for work. Mark doesn't CONSTANTLY attack. It's just sometimes - and then it's brutal. HELP!!! I've tried rescue remedy and feliway plug-ins. THANKS!

Asked by Member 992381 on Jun 15th 2010 in Aggression
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Izadore (Izzie)

This sounds like territorial aggression. It could also be directed at a cat they may have seen outside and can't get to. Or, they may be fighting over Lala in which case you may want to consider rehoming her. If the fighting is so vicious that they are pulling out fur and drawing blood, you need to consult a behaviorist, perhaps through your vet. Otherwise, the fighting will continue and you'll have to keep them separated for the rest of their lives for fear that one will suddenly "go off" on the other. That's no way for you to live, unfortunately. If it were me, I would contact my vet and ask about my options and what they think I should do. Putting one or both cats on kitty prozac may be an option.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 6/15/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer