Need help with rescue.

About six months ago, my daughter adopted a Persian from a shelter. Margo is about two years old and up until the last month was awesome about using her litter box. Lately, she has been going to the bathroom in front of the apartment door. Why would she do this and how can it be stopped? Also, she HATES being brushed-gets downright vicious. What can be done to improve this behavior so she can be brushed? We don't know her background. She was found as a stray and shaved when she was in the shelter.

Asked by Member 654894 on Dec 29th 2011 in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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She needs to be taken to a vet for an exam. Sometimes cats can develop various medical conditions that cause pain when they urinate or defecate. Since the pain occurs when they use the litterbox, they may believe the box is causing the pain and find somewhere else to go. She needs to be examined to rule out, or to confirm and treat, any medical problem.

As far as brushing, it may take time and patience to get her used to the idea, especially if she wasn't started as a kitten. Try brushing when she is calm and sleepy to get her used to the feel of the brush. Both of my cats are shorthairs and don't require daily brushing like your Persian, but I started them both as kittens. Sometimes I would only get in a stroke or two before they'd run off or try to eat the brush, but I made an attempt every single day. Now Ralphie LOVES the brush. I just hold it up and he jumps in my lap and purrs. Randy is very busy, but he'll let me brush him when he's feeling mellow. Keep trying, and be patient!

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Anytime a cat starts going to the bathroom outside of the litterbox, you should always take them to the vet to rule out any health problems. Your cat may have a urinary tract infection.

As for brushing, a Persian HAS to be brushed & quite often so yes, the fact that she hates being brushed is a problem. You might want to try distracting her with a toy or feeding her catnip while you are brushing her.

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I agree with Ralphie & Randy about the importance of a vet trip to figure out why she is not using her litter box.

About the brushing issue, Ralphie & Randy are right, but I would add that for a cat be stay still during a half an hour to be brushed is annoying/boring. A Persian needs to be brushed often, but you could do just a little at a time. In stead of brushing her all over, you should brush her for the time she agrees and you continue it latter. Other tips: 1) Always associate the brushing time with good moments (don’t be angry with her when you are brushing her). You also can give her treats when brushing her. 2) Starts the brushing session when she is sleeping, because she will be familiar to the brushing touch and also, if she go away, you had already brush her a little. 3) My brother Quindim didn’t like to be brushed. Mommy brought a new brush because our brush was old and he LOVES this other brush. Maybe another brush (specially a softer one) could help you!
Good luck!

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