Need help saving my 2 Kittys

I have 2 Indoor cats (both clean and loving and make no noise). I also live in a 2 story townhouse that is 3 floors up and someone has noticed I have a cat/s.
The land lord rung my next door neighbor asking if they had a cat.. but actually it is me who has the cat's. What I am thinking of doing is buying a stuffed toy (real life like) but have been searching and cant find one..
My cats are as you can see grey and white and I want to place a sitting fake cat in the top window to throw the land lord when he calls."hey you have a cat, you can't have cats! … Yes I know, but I can have a fake cat!"

Please help as I won’t give them up and so hard to move home.. no rentals allow cats! Just crazy!

Asked by Lum on Aug 14th 2011 Tagged fakecat, toycat, reallifecat, help in Toys
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I am a landlord and ever since the economy went bad I now allow tenants to have no more than two (2) cats. There are rules, though. They have to provide proof that the cat has been spayed/neutered and has a current rabies vaccine. This is to protect us from any legal liability since we have a managed feral cat colony of five adult cats residing on the premises who have all been fixed and vaccinated. I don't want people to think they can just "dump" their cat if they get evicted and the cat ends up pregnant, etc. If your landlord says anything, be honest with him. If he chooses to evict you, he will have to give you at least thirty (30) days (according to what state you live in) to vacate the premises. There are many apartment complexes out there that allow pets (even dogs) since the economy went sour! Tell your landlord to have a heart and be understanding. Cats don't bark or make any noise. You just have to keep their litter boxes clean to prevent accidents! Good luck!

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