Nearly 17 year old cat with arthritis pain, unable to visit vet, please help.

Before I begin, I want to state that I know a visit to the vet to be examined would be in the best interest of any elderly pet. If this were an option for my cat, he would have been seen months ago. I have a nearly 17 year old cat. He has arthritis, it flares up when the weather is cold. I am unable to take him into the vet, and have been unable to find a vet that will do a home visit. He hasn't been seen in years, because he gets so stressed out he has panic attacks, even with sedation. At this point in his life, I feel like it would do more harm than good. I am searching for options to try to help his arthritis. It’s hard to know what is safe and what could potentially cause other problems. I’ve read that glucosamine & chondroitin supplements can help in some cases? Other than the arthritis flare ups, as long as there’s kibble in his bowl & a warm spot to nap in - he’s happy. This cat is my world, any advice you could provide would be much appreciated! I feel so helpless. Thank you.

Asked by Member 1024973 on Feb 27th 2011 Tagged elderlyoldarthritis in Senior Pet
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I know how you are feeling. I took in a very old stray (18 or so?). I fortunately had a vet come to the house to give him his rabies vaccine when he was still outside last spring. He has now become hard of hearing (almost deaf) and also just likes to sleep all day. I would not advise giving him any supplements unless a vet recommends that you do so. At this point in his life I am sure he will be happy if you provide lots of love, kibble, water, and a warm sunny spot to sleep. I recently purchased an indoor/outdoor heating pad that I place on the couch. My cat loves sleeping on it and I put his favorite blanket around him as well. Providing comfort and love is most important in their golden years. Count your blessings that kitty seems healthy otherwise. He could be around for some time yet. Best wishes to you and kitty!

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Freckles (1993-2011)

Coseqin and Dasequin are good glucosimine/chondroitin supplements for cats and you don't need a prescription. Dasequin worked really well for Freckles aged 17 and Sassy aged 9 and seemed to make them both more comfortable. The other thing you can get is a heated cat bed. If you look on Drs Foster & Smith web site they have a good selection to choose from. The ones that are made for cats and gives gentle heat to about cat body temp approx 102F are good and your cat will love it.

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Baltster 1990 ~ 2011

Try these treats

Balty loved them. and they worked a treat for him. Long story why he can't have them anymore but it's not a fault of the product. If it didn't cost thousands to get them permitted into the country he would have them. See if they help you.
We are in New Zealand and they have very strict rules on what we are allowed in. It needs to be tested before they will let us get any. We kept thinking by the time we got the product approved into the country he would be gone, as it'll take months if not a year. We keep our eyes open to see if someone else has done it, then we'll buy from them.
We had a packet sent to us for Christmas (a few years back)and it got through but it was when we tried to order some on line we were stopped and told we would be fined if we received any, until it was approved : (
It's worth a shot if you want to try them apparently they were quiet tasty according to Balty.

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gracie tatanka

if your cat will take ground up pills in his food you can actualy give them human glucosamine its identical but you need to work out the quanties and weight of the cat you can get answers from a vet directly from justanswer and i can reccommend them gracie has very bad back legs and for immediate relief in bad weather she goes to bed with one of those microwave heat packs warmed up (not too hot) laid over her hind quarters and it really seems to ease her out good luck and all the best

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Nearly every city/town has mobile vets who's entire focus is on treating animals within the home. If you cannot find one by doing a google search, call the local veterinary hospitals for a recommendation. Best of luck!

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Izadore (Izzie)

I know exactly how you feel. We have a 9yr. old Springer who is having arthritis issues and if I could take her pain upon myself, I certainly would. Unfortunately, there are no "home remedies" for arthritis in cats/dogs. Most of the anti-inflammatories such as Tylenol, Advil, aspirin, etc. can be toxic if not given in vet supervised doses. And meds such as Adequan, prednisone and Rimadyl are by prescription only. Supplements like G/C are not really proven to work and take a long time to show any results. There is no cure for arthritis, much like in humans. It is a degenerative disease and about all the docs can do is try to control the inflammation. A heated bed may help him. Drs. Foster & Smith also has a pet bed said to be more comfortable for arthritic pets. There are also people who swear by accupuncture, special diets, etc. Bottom line is though, like with us, it's just the curse of old age. Whatever you've done for him for 17 years, you must be doing it right. God bless you both!

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