My two cats won't play together.

Hello, I have two cats Jinx and Izzy. Jinx is a year and a half old, Izzy is about 7 months. Jinx is fixed and Izzy will be in the end of December. Whenever I try to play with both of them with a wand toy Jinx will walk away, he will only play with it when Izzy is not present. Other than that they get along fine and have for several months. They are both in good health I'm just not sure why Jinx won't play when Izzy is around, does anyone have any ideas to fix this issue, I even got them new wand toys and that didn't help. They will play with each other and wrestle somethings but its quiet and non-aggressive so I'm not concerned too much, they groom each other on occasion as well.

Asked by Member 1200717 on Nov 21st 2013 Tagged social, multiplecats, kitten, toys, play, anxiety in Socialization
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Panda Bear

The older one wants his former alone play time that he became used to- here the age differential matters. He does not see the need to have to share time playing or attention with the new sibling, even if they get along. This will come in time, but you have to allocate separate play time with the older one, and give as much separate attention as you did before the kitten arrived. Kittens are also very hyper, and older cats do not necessarily want to play rough with a youngster. Wait until the younger cat is fixed and matures, and then they will get along and interact even better! ^_^

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