My tabby cat is 10 years old and is getting little sores all over her body. she is losing hair on her rear end and legs

Asked by Member 1134346 on Oct 5th 2012 Tagged sores, losinghair in Health & Wellness
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Hi. About 10 yrs ago my all black kitty, Panda started to have noticeable bald spots on his belly. At first it was in a small area & kinda on the light side. I was in my twenties at the time (young & dumb,lol) and I thought it was just because he seemed to be obsessed w/licking himself-what cat isn't?

But as the hair loss increased I noticed he had very red sores all over his tummy and of course became very concerned & took him to a vet. The vet said he had been exposed to fleas (apparently frm my bf's dog) and was suffering from a severe allergic reaction from the biting.

He gave him some kitty anti-allergy meds and sent us on our way. About 2 weeks later, he was noticeably healing, but his hair didn't appear to grow back much. So I waited a couple more weeks to see if his hair was coming back in, but he still had bald patches all over his stomach.

So I asked a vet over the phone if there could be another problem & he said that my cat might have allergies to food, & he did.

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