My rescued cat meows endlessley and stands near the door wanting to go outside. The meowing is driving us crazy. Help?

My youngest cat (of two) is about four years old. She was rescued from the outdoors about 3 years ago. We have tried to make her an indoor cat, but she is soooo persistent about trying to get outside. When she is not sleeping, eating, playing, or grooming, she's meowing at us to let her go outside or watching to see if we're going to open a door. The loud non-stop crying is driving us crazy and getting rid of her is not an option as we are too attached and love her way too much. Please help.

Asked by Member 1080649 on Dec 29th 2011 Tagged meowing, training, outdoor in Noisiness
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♔Jeepurrs Creepurrs♔

We are assuming that your cat has been spayed.(?)

Other than letting her out on her own - can you build a kennel that she can access freely?
We built one that the cats can access through a cellar window - we replaced the window pane with a cat-flap.
It is made from chain link fencing (also topped with fencing)with an access gate on the outside (with a secure latch) so we can get in to clean and such.
We built benches and perches and added a 4x4 post for scratching. Our indoor only cats really like the being able to get out into the fresh air and look around. We like the fact that they are safe and secure.
Maybe something like this will sooth your cat's need to roam?
good luck!

♔Jeepurrs Creepurrs♔ answered on 12/29/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


This is a hard one. I'd probably start by making sure she has access to a window to look out of. Somewhere with a good seat so she can see whats going on.
Then..maybe try a leash and harness? My old kitties used to be outdoor kitties (before my parents realized how bad of an idea that was) and we brought them inside around eight or nine years old. Eventually they forgot, but then a few years later we ended up getting a leash and harness and that made both of the old buggers happy. Even at 18, the surviving boy still demands his walks. Even if he just steps out on the deck, sniffs a few times and goes back in.

Member 1088571 answered on 1/31/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer