My new kittens hiss at me when I let them out of the bathroom

I adopted to new kittens from a friend who are about four months old. Their mother was a wild cat but my friend tamed the kittens and they became very friendly and loving towards her. I've kept them in the bathroom with litter food and a bed for about three day. theyre fine with me when I'm in the bathroom. They allow me to pet them they even eat from my hand but when I let them out of the bathroom so they can investigate they look at me and hiss and run back into the bathroom. How long should I keep them in there? I want them to be able to run around and get exercise because right now they just lay in their bed.

Asked by Member 1099441 on Mar 12th 2012 Tagged hissing, adoption, kittens in Behavior & Training
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Izadore (Izzie)

After only 3 days, you are still in the process of socializing these babies to your own lifestyle and home. They see your friend as "mama cat" and it will take a while for them to replace her with you. You are handling the situation exactly right. Keep them in the bathroom as long as needs be. Continue to visit them as often as possible, pet them as long as they'll tolerate it. After a while, even try to brush them. Try a feather/fishing pole toy with them but keep the playtimes calm and short. When you let them out, it's possible they're on "sensory overload" by suddenly having the door opened for them and being faced with the rest of the house. Cats have to make up their own minds about things. Give it a few more days. "Baby proof" your home for the kittens and then leave the bathroom door open. Let them decide when they want to come out and don't fuss over them when they do. Wild Mama taught them things they'll have to unlearn about humans. Be patient, calm and loving!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 3/13/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Get a laser lite and instead of reading play with them. LOL. No. Really. They arnt ready. They arnt hissing at you (if They were they'd hiss at you when you put them in there) hissing and puffing just means They feel suddenly threatened. Unless there's a pitbull outside your bathroom I'd say they need longer with their environment noises, smells. Keep um in there. They grow friendlier as they become. More confident. This also reinforces good litter habits. If a cats freaking out because of an unfamiliar habitat the last thing their thinking of is where you want them to poo. Make sure they are so vet checked. With 2 healthy kittens in your bathroom they would make sure all your toilet paper is off the roll and properly shreaded every time your back is turned. Not to mention their litter flinging contests. Oh yeah have lots of different people visit and be kind to your hissers

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