My new kitten was peeing on the bed, spent a week at the vet for inflammation and now she's home and still peeing.

My kitten has been home for 2 days and she was fine and has been using the litterbox. Today I caught her trying to use the bed as a litterbox and I took her off the bed. A few hours later I caught her using the bed as a litterbox, scratching it after she peed and trying to "bury" her urine. Her inflammation is gone so why is she peeing on the bed? Did the Natures Miracle and dry cleaners not get the smell out of the comforter well enough so she now treats the bed like a litterbox? Is this all behavioral? Is it medical? If it is behavioral why did she wait 2 days to pee on the bed when before she spent a week at the hospital for the inflammation it was happening multiple times a day? HELP!

Asked by Member 1188804 on Sep 6th 2013 Tagged urine, behavioral, health in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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Panda Bear

How old is your kitten- young or close to a year? Add another litterbox to avoid this problem and put her in it so she knows it's there, on the opposite side of your place. Yes, if a cat can smell their own pee, they will defecate in the same spot. Temporarily change blankets and see if the behavior occurs within the next week. Then you will have your answer. This is also a very young age for urinary issues, so be prepared that your kitty will eventually need prescription food to help keep this problem under control like mine... the big bag is $55-60. ^_^

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