My new kitten is crying when i put him in the bathroom. Am i spoiling him?

hi, so i just adopted a month and a half old Siberian kitten. it is a male. my problem is that we just got it on thursday, so we set up his box with towels inside the bathroom along with his liter box and food/water. the problem is that whenever we take him out and put him back inside there, he meows loudly. we let him roam around only when we are watching or playing with him. i feel that because he is crying it breaks my heart to just leave him in there by himself, so i have been taking him out everytime. he has done it maybe like 10 times in the past 2 days. my dad says to leave him in there because i am spoiling him and he will keep crying because he knows he will get to go out because i come to the rescue. what should i do? should i take him out sometimes and then put him back? or should let him roam around in a secluded area. please help i feel so bad for my crying kitten. we have had him for only 2 days and he seems so attached to us. thankyou

Asked by Member 958736 on Feb 5th 2010 in Separation Anxiety
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Sadie/ In loving memory

Why is your kitty living in the bathroom, is this going to be permanent? Your dad really doesn't know much about cats. He is just a baby and is in a new place.He doesn't want to be left alone by himself. He wants to be with you and your family. You are not spoiling him by letting him out, cats are not like baby humans. You are his new mommy and he wants be with you. He wants to roam and explore and be a part of the family. He is lonely and doesn't want to be all alone locked up by himself.

Sadie/ In loving memory answered on 2/5/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


My first question is, are you a multi-cat household? If Kitty is a single cat and has been checked out by the vet, there's no need to seclude him. Second observation: the rule of thumb is to rehome kittens when they are two months old. Breeders prefer three months. Your Kitty is still a baby, and although I don't know his background, he's missing his Mommy and siblings. If he is a single cat, and has been toilet trained, then why is he being kept in the bathroom? To be repetitive, even if it's a multi-cat household, as long as he's been vet checked, I would let him out. I am one of the few Catsters whom you'll meet who have had more success acclimating new cats with older ones by simply introducing them immediately (after a health check). Join Catster and participate in the Kitten Forum, where you will get much more advice than I can give. Good luck!

Lola answered on 2/6/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Your kitten was too young to be taken from it's mother, most breeders do not let the kittens go till they self wean themselves. This could be from 8-12 weeks old. Yes the kitten is lonely and relies on you for all of it's comfort. Try keeping the kitten in a more local area where it can see you and come to you for comfort.
This can have a lon term affect on the personality of the kitten.
In the future the frustration the kitten feels can manifest itself in scratching furniture, sucking on cloth, or even elimanation some place other than the cat box. Hugs to your kitten. "Vinnie"

Vinnie answered on 2/7/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Hello, I also just recently adopted an 8 week old kitten and at first (3-4 days) I would leave her in the bathroom when I go to work and check on her during my lunch break. She would cry everytime but that is normal, it is a baby. I then started leaving her in my room and she would also cry but then I would find her sleeping with a stuffed animal and was fine. I would always let her roam the whole house when I am home and just watch her, but she doesnt get into anything or damage anything as long as you provide toys and interaction. Today is the first day I left her alone in the whole house so I don't know if she cried when I left but it's ok, they get used to you leaving and then coming back.
Just make sure when you are home not to lock him up and to always give him plenty of attention. BTW, I was going to make her sleep in her crate the first night but she kept crying so I took her out and she just came and cuddled in bed:) So it is not harmful to let him free as long as u r there.

Leia answered on 2/9/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer