My new kitten hates me.She runs from me, hisses at me, won't come out when I'm around. Will this ever change?

I've had her about a month. She is 12 weeks old. She was born with her brothers and sisters to a feral mother in a shed. She love my adult boy cat but absolutely hates me. She hisses and cries when I pick her up. Will not let me hold her for more than a minute or two. She will not come out when I am around. Do you think she will ever get used to me?

Asked by Marshall on Jan 28th 2011 in Behavior & Training
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Trent (Angel)

I don't think she will hate you forever! The thing with cats is, sometimes we want to cuddle and play with them but they just want to go off by themselves! Maybe try giving her more space, she clearly wants to feel like the boss, so only give her attention when she comes to you. Don't try and cuddle her all the time or she will keep getting angry! Feed her at regular times, and ignore her if she cries for food when she doesn't need any yet. She will learn that you are her owner and if she wants to be fed, she ought to be nice to you! If you are playing with her and she bites or hisses, walk away and don't say anything to her. When she comes over talk to her in a nice soft voice. Kittens are all different, as she gets older she may develop into a cuddly cat!

Trent (Angel) answered on 1/28/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Your kitten needs to be socialized a little more, but on her terms! I know from being an experienced feral kitten/cat rescuer that you need to confine a feral to a small area at first. With kittens less than 12 weeks old, I usually let them live in my bathroom and set them up with everything they need in there. It will take time and patience, but you need to interact with her also. Do you have a small bedroom or extra bathroom that can be used as her own little space? This would be the best thing. Make sure she has plenty of toys, food (dry and wet), water, and a comfy bed. Try giving her a little catnip. Try getting her used to you giving her a treat or a few pieces of dry food from your hand. Let her come to you and take the treat. You can also try wrapping her in a towel and holding her in your lap. Talk calmly and softly to her. It is good that you have another cat in the house. She will follow what he does and eventually come around.

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I totally agree with the previous post. I spayed/neutered feral cats in my neighborhood and released them. I had to win the kittens over and it took time. It really did. They do tame and they will develop trust. You have to earn it over time. Never try to force them (not saying that you are) to be held, etc.

I would begin by feeding them all the time and staying with them while they ate. They became used to me and allowed me to move closer and closer to the point that I was petting them as they ate. Eventually, they would rub on me accepting me. I just kept working with them and then got them used to a kitten crate. Then, I took them to the vet and got them spayed/neutered. Let them out and continued to feed them.

Your kitten will tame. She has to get used to everything and she has to trust her environment. She bonded with kittens and cats the first bit of her young life and she is currently more comfortable with them at this point. Just give her time and keep working with her. :-)

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