My month old kitten won't eat! What do I do??? This is Urgent!!

I have a kitten that s about one month old and she refuses to eat wet cat food like her siblings. (There are 6 kittens in all) So I tried bottle feeding her but she just bites the nipple part of the bottle and pulls it. I have no idea what to do and I'm going crazy, she's too small to give to the Humane Society and I'm afraid she might starve if I don't get help. What should I do?? Oh, And I've already tried to mix the wet cat food with milk but it won't even drink the milk alone in a dish so mixing it with wet cat food isn't any help. My sister, my Mom and I are taking care of them but our patience is slowly running out so I need answers. Any suggestions??

Asked by Member 650156 on Jul 6th 2008 Tagged kitten, wont, eat, help, urgent, starve, month, old in Health & Safety
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A friend of mine had a lot of trouble with one of the kittens in their litter. In his situation he didn't like to walk on the paper they had put his food dish on, so they either had to move the paper or spoon feed him. Try maybe getting Whiskas. They have moist food. If that doesn't work, the vet should have some ideas.

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Some kittens aren't ready for solid food right away. Cow's milk can give kittens diarrhea, so it is best to stick with kitten formula (like KMR). You can also syringe-feed the kitten. To do this, you can use a puree of kitten food or a prescription food from your vet called Hill's Prescription A/D food. It is high in nutrients and calories.

To syringe feed a kitten, draw up an amount of food in a regular syringe without the needle. Insert the syringe tip into the front of the kitten's mouth or through the side in the space between the upper and lower jaw. Squirt a little at a time into his mouth and let him eat it. Don't force it. Only do this if he's conscious and capable of swallowing, or he may aspirate the food.

If the kitten won't take food at all, bring him to the vet for further advice. Kittens can die in a day or 2 if they don't get nutrition. Don't wait - bring him directly to the vet if he won't eat.

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Izadore (Izzie)

A four-week old kitten should be showing interest in "regular" food. You can also try some human baby food. I got Izzie to eat turkey/sweet potatoe baby food off my fingers the first time. Now he's a 13 pound brat. When syringe feeding, make sure you don't inject the food into the baby's stomach as this can cause bloat. If it were me, I would take the baby to the vet's asap to make sure there are no serious health problems preventing her from eating.

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I'd try using an eye-dropper and some juice from a can of cat food, placing small drops along the side of the mouth, directly on the teeth. I'd also wipe tiny amounts of mashed food along the side of their mouth. This will help the kitten understand how to use the tongue and swallow.

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Punkin (Adopted!!!)

I had one that wouldnt eat either, I got some KMR made the milk warm and put it in a plate and let the kitten chow get moist in it, it was like 8 weeks before she started eating the can stuff I also bottle fed her, its took awhile but she came around and started eating, KMR did help and kept her well til she was ready, she was just a slow poke about eating out of a dish and can food ,

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Toe Lula Tunnelworth

The humane society should be able to give you suggestions, and maybe even SHOW you some tricks.
I really like the kitten formula and cat food juice from an eyedropper (or even a needle free syringe) idea. You might try and mix teeny bits of bread to it too. I also try them out on the Gerber meat baby foods. I usually get the chicken. If you mix a bit of kitten formula in to dilute it you can suck some up in an eyedropper and squirt a bit in her mouth, or you can stick you finger in and gently stick it in her mouth. This works well if she`s noisy and opens her mouth to complain about being hungry. Once she decides she likes it, you can switch to a spoon, them on to a saucer. We all know that sometimes it takes a bit of creative experimenting. It can be frustrating, but hang in there because you`re doing a very kind thing for these babies.
Good luck Hon!
Lula =^..^=

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