My male kitten is 3 mo. old and has a knot in his belly, what could that be??

Asked by Member 1158784 on Mar 11th 2013 in Health & Wellness
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It sounds like it could be an umbilical hernia, but have the vet exam him to be sure.

Umbilical hernia is a condition where kittens were born with an umbilical opening that failed to close. If the opening is small, surgeries are not required. As the kittens advance into adulthood, some cats’ hernias may close spontaneously. However, cats with small hernias may live the rest of their life without any problem and their life span won’t be shortened despite their hernias not being repaired.

A large opening in umbilical hernias require surgical repairment to prevent possible intestine strangulation where intestines are trapped at the opening. The procedure is usually done along with the neuter or spay surgery.

One of my parents kittens was born with this & they got it fixed when they had him neutered. It didn't cost more than $15 & it was necessary because it was large. I'd suggest having it fixed when you have him neutered.

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