My male cat won't leave his spot near my neighbors deck, and shows no interest in me or his food? HELP!

My 3 yr old male cat is an outdoor cat. He usually comes home every night, and stays in when its too humid/cold/ect. Yesterday morning he went out, and didn't come home when I called him last night.

This morning I went out to look for him, and he was crouching in front of my neighbors deck, covered in dust (he went under at some point.) he wouldn't come when I called, so I picked him up and brought him inside. I checked him and he is not injured, but I found a little tuft of white fur in his claw (he is all black). Now he is laying down, watching the door, and is showing no interest in food. (he hunts mice, but usually doesn't eat them.)

Why could he be acting like this? Usually he is very excited when he sees me and runs over meowing/purring, and eats regularly. He is FIXED, so I doubt there are kittens under there. It is too dark and low for me to see under the deck. He just looks depressed right now.

Asked by Bucky on Aug 28th 2010 Tagged depressed, cat, male, wont, leave, eat, dirty, sad in Other Behavior & Training
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My concern is what exactly is he covered with? How do you know it is dust? As to the white fur in his claw, maybe he came in contact with a oppossum. Did you check him for any bite marks? I would take him to the vet for a check-up, especially if he isn't eating. If his rabies vaccine is not up to date, get him vaccinated! I just hope he didn't get into something poisonous or eat a rat that was poisoned. Hope the little guy is okay. Prayers and purrs from Angel (my kitty) and me!

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