my male cat keeps on rubbing his butt on the floor and licking it, and is a bit sad..

he seems unable to go to the!

Asked by Member 604525 on Mar 7th 2008 Tagged cats, buttrubbing in Other Health & Wellness
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Hairball alert! Sammicat came with a bowel obstuction. Dr wanted to try a laxative before surgery. His was Cat Lax. When it worked, Sam had 3 baths in 20 minutes & that's enough information. After that, I used it about once a week.
Sugar seemed to be slightly constipated several week ago, so I got her Laxatone and use it periodically. New one is Sergent's Vetscription Hairball Remedy. Both from discount store. Both are petroleum jelly & molasses based. I've heard of putting Vaseline on your finger & letting the cat lick it. I don't think mine would. More greenery -Sugar Baby has a bowl of oatgrass growing for her. A liitle messy. It doesn't seem to root well enough so that it comes out root & all when she eats it. When it's available in our stores, I'll get some regular grass seed. We still have 2 feet of snow on the ground, so it may be a few weeks.
Your cat could have something more complicated, but I like to try simple things first, as long I feel it's not life threathening.

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The first thing you should rule out would be worms. Then you might consider the possibility of a digestive disorder. A trip to the vet would be highly recommended for this situation. A diet made specifically for cats with sensitive stomachs might not be a bad idea along with the occasional bit of canned cat food. Pet grass that is safe for cats would be great for a snack. You can purchase it at your local pet store. They also make wheatgrass treats or a grass gel paste vitamin. Since cats are prone to nibble on grass when they are sick, those are much safer alternatives. You never know what pesticides or chemicals have been used. Make sure to check with your vet, though, to be sure and do what is right for your cat. Also, if it is worms, the medicines from the vet are less expensive than that found at pet stores. I found that out after I paid $24.99 at a pet store for a pill that costs me $5.00 at Poe and Chaucer's vet.

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Freddie (Adopted!!!)

This is very, very serious with a male kitty! You need to take your kitty to the vet TONIGHT!!! if he is having trouble going potty. Male kitties especially are very vulnerable to crystals and to obstructions and can die very quckily from this. Like within 24 hours. Please take me seriously and if he is having trouble going to the bathroom pack him up NOW and take him to the emergency room!

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