My male 1 year old cat and my 9 week old male kitten are not getting along. Help please

I've read lots of posts and I am not totally freaking out but I am worried about my cats relationship. We've had 1 year old Hova since he was 2 months old. About 3 weeks ago we got a male kitten, Benny. The intention was to give Hova company, a brother. They're both neutered. They have separate food, water and litter. They must be separated. Hova literally attacks Benny whenever he can. He wants to bite him. He bites his back, his tail, his face, anywhere he can sink his teeth into. They do touch paws under the door when they can. We have been trying to feed them near each other. I've given them the opportunity to swap scents. Hova is just so aggressive with Benny. I know it takes time but I just want them to get along. We have felliway and have been using it for almost two weeks. They cannot be in the same room as each other unless one is being securely held. Is there anything else I can do to stop Hova from being so aggressive towards Benny?

Asked by Member 1173375 on Jun 2nd 2013 Tagged introduction, kitten, aggression in Socialization
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Well, you are doing right by keeping them separted for now, because Hova can kill Benny. So good for you for doing that. Some cats just never take to another cat. I have such a cat, Beep, she has to be separated from my others because she does the same thing yours does. Every time. We tried everything also. Some cats just never accept another cat. I hate to say, but it sounds like this is your situation. Maybe it will change when Benny is older and can defend himself, but for now, you will have to keep them separate or he could kill him. Maybe it will change, I hope so, because your intentions are so good, giving him a friend and saving another cat, I sincerely hope it does.Eventually try blocking a door with gates all the way up so they can be face to face, so they can see and touch, but can't hurt.And take it slow before introducing again. We put an ecollar on Beep once so she could not bite, it worked, she still tried, but could not bite.

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