My Maine Coon has been limping with her left front leg for about a week now. What should I do if anything?

This has happened before with my 12 year old cat and she mended over time. She still continues to walk the stairs and jump up on furniture. I can't find a wound so I think it may be a sprain? She has not been out of the house for 9 years, so I can rule that out. She does not do well at the Vet so I will try a home remedy first. Thank you!

Asked by Member 1079197 on Dec 22nd 2011 in Feline Friends
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She may not like the vet, but I doubt that she likes having a potential injury left untreated any better. No one can recommend a "home remedy" when the problem hasn't been definitively diagnosed.

Don't let the poor dear continue to limp around in possible pain. Remember that your cat is elderly and may need increased vet visits as she ages to keep her healthy and happy. Remember also that cats instinctively hide pain, so don't assume that she isn't hurting. Get her in to a vet right away, find out what's wrong, and get her the proper treatment.

answered on Dec 22nd.

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