My kitten will not eat or poop

I found an abandoned kitten 4 or 5 days ago and he appears to be 2-3 weeks old. He seemed healthy enough, if dehydrated and he was eating well and he pooped the first day we had him. All I can afford to give him right now is whole milk and he seemed to be doing well on it til now. My friend suggested I put honey in it which I did today but he seems to have had a bad reaction to it. He has not pooped in 3 days and his belly is round and firm. He is very lethargic, suddenly and has completely lost appetite since I gave him the honey. Earlier he seemed like he was going to throw up but nothing came out. I'm very worried!

Asked by Member 1185753 on Aug 15th 2013 in Food & Nutrition
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Panda Bear

Whole COW milk does not have the nutrition a baby kitten needs. Buy a can of kitten milk and introduce him to wet kitten food. Mix it together and always leave fresh water out. He may have worms or who knows what else. Call a vet and see at what age is the earliest they will see a sick kitten. Honey is not cat food and can choke them; I've never heard of that. Sometimes rubbing their butt with a warm wet rag helps them to poop. Banfields have coupons up front where your first visit is free and you only pay for the medicine; please get him some professional animal care as soon as you are able. ^_^

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