my kitten plays with my bunny??

i got a tortoise shell tabby kitten a few weeks ago, she's extremely playful and energetic. i also have a bunny who i've had for almost a year now. since my kitten met my bunny she has often hit and tried to bite him as if he was a toy when i let the bunny out. the bunny doesn't ever seem hurt or irritated in fact he seems quite fascinated with my kitten. i was just wondering will this behaviour continue, or will my kitten stop pestering my bunny and eventually leave him alone?? if she doesn't, how do i get her to stop treating him like a toy? thank you ^_^

Asked by Joffrey on Jul 24th 2014 Tagged cats, bunnies, pets in Kittens
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Panda Bear

You have to discipline the kitten when she bites or scratches the bunny. I have heard of cats and rabbits, dogs etc. that were friendly with each other. Eventually, when your kitten is a cat they can both be chill together, but now everything is a plaything for a young cat. Feed a healthy kitten food such as MaxKitten for her 1st year, and make sure there is always supervised visitation when the rabbit is out. Also keep the rabbit den in a place where the kitten can not get to, especially when you are not home. ^_^

Panda Bear answered on 7/26/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer