My kitten is 6 mths old and his poop smells really bad and it is soft. I feed him EVO. is it the food?

the smell fills my entire apartment and i have to throw it out immediately. He also does not cover it up. i use a charcoal trap, deodorizer, air freshner, AND i light a candle but it still smells!!Please Help!

Asked by George on Dec 20th 2007 Tagged smelly, poop, badfood, diarreah in Answers
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You should take your kitten to the vet with a stool sample, to make sure he doesn't have worms.
It can be solved in a simple visit to the vet. Good cat poop is the color of chocolate and is slightly soft but still holds a shape. If it's runny or light-colored, GO TO THE VET RIGHT AWAY.

That being said, it may be his food. Sometimes the fish cat foods can make really stinky poop! Wet food can do it too, as can treats.

Finally, you might want to try a different cat litter. We use World's Best which is made of ground corn and it covers the smell pretty well. You can flush it too! And it's natural and biodegradeable - green for the environment.

Sometimes we make very stinky poop and run like crazy through the house to get away from the smell! That couldn't have come out of US!! (grin)

Schmoo answered on 12/20/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Sounds like a problem coming and going:
Coming: I don't know whether you are feeding. Innova Evo (dry) or Evo wet food. My experience has been that wet food smells coming and going. Innova Evo dry food smells too, but somewhat less. If George drinks water, try dry food. If they are on Innova Evo, try mixing it with a no wheat boutique dry food to dilute the pungency.
Going: Try changing litter to find one that is hard clumping & kitty friendly. I use clay and littermate mixture. It hard clumps, and I have found that takes care of smell about 5 minutes after the smelliest event. Do the litter change gradually if you have a picky kitty.
Finally, my human loves our Litter Locker. It is equivalent of a diaper genie and folds the scooped material in plastic film. - smell free!

Turgenev answered on 12/20/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


My baby is on Evo too. He is fine. But I have heard from other moms who claim that Evo didn't agree with their kitties.
I would try something else. Make sure you switch foods slowly.
Also I recommend World's Best Litter. He might like to hang out more in the soft corn litter.
Or he might be running from the smell. Don't laugh.
My orangie, Alfie is the same. When his tummy is acting up he runs to the nearest window, never mind covering up poop. Dealing with that is mom's job.
Good luck

Member 194231 answered on 12/21/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Orca The Killer Kitten

My brother use to have the same problem when he came to live with us and he was the same age as you.It would fill up the whole house and I would wake her out of a dead sleep. If the stool sample came out clear at the vets but his poop is still soft or runny ask the vet about a parasite that sometimes does not show up in the stool. That was one of my brothers problems and we eventually had to both take the medication because it is contatgious. Also he was allergic to the fish in the food so we had to switch to the turkey forumla in the food that we ate. The vet also told us that soft food can cause problems like this too so my brother is on a all dry turkey or chicken diet. His poo is still soft sometimes but we concluded on that as being his nerves and how he just is. But the smell improved dramatically after the medication and diet change. When the smell comes back we know that he got into some sort of food that he shouldn't have. But the smell has never came back as strong.

Orca The Killer Kitten answered on 12/22/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer