My kitten has green stuff out of nose and eyes (after sleeping) also is not pooing everyday, and is sneezing and sleeps

have a 8 week old kitten I've had her for 6 days now when I had her from the owner she was fine (no sneezing nothing in eyes or coming out of the nose) but a day after I have had her she started sneezing and it's gotten worse also now her eyes have green around the bottom (when she finished sleeping its there but stays all day) also green coming out of her nose and sticking to her fur, do you have any idea what this could be? She does eat also she does drink (not as much) and she sleeps a lot after playing she likes to cuddle though and becomes sleepy, she's being having wees but hasn't pooed today she was ill the day before as the food didnt settle in the stomach but since that day she has not pooed are kittens suppose to go everyday? Thanks for your help I will take her to the vets I just need a idea of what I could do for her in the meanwhile and also if there is a reason to go, of course I'm worried but my parents are always reassuring me that it is normal for a new kitten, thanks

Asked by Member 1172841 on May 30th 2013 Tagged sickneedhelpgreengunk in Health & Safety
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