My just adopted 6-mo old kitten is playing but not eating. Should I be worried?

1. Adopted yesterday 11/11/11 - (American) Bombay kitten
2. Has been playing constantly - chasing cloth mice, string, feather toys and now laser
3. A little shy initially and still a little cautious but very affectionate
4. Has peed twice in 20 hours - in litter-box
5. Has not pooped yet
6. Does not look unhealthy - shiny eyes, nose is not runny and very energetic
7. Could she just not like Royal Canin kitten food and simply being picky?
8. No other pets in the house - previous male 4.5 year-old cat deceased less than a week ago

Asked by Member 1070176 on Nov 12th 2011 in Food & Nutrition
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First of all I would find out what she was eating at the breeder or wherever her previous home was. It is always best to start them out on what they were used to eating and then slowly blend in the new food over the first few weeks so that they can get used to it. Even if they will eat the new food, it can cause diarrhea and an upset stomach if you just switch them suddenly. Many of mine came to me eating Purina Kitten Chow and although I do not like junky food and wanted to use Royal Canin, I gave them the Purina until they adjusted. I would also try temping her with some canned food just to get her to eat something. Fancy Feast and several others make a kitten formula. It is more important that she is drinking plenty of water. She will eventually eat when she gets hungry enough. Most cats will not deliberately starve themselves but water is very necessary. If this continues, please call your vet.

Allie answered on Nov 12th.

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