My female cat is 14 years old, declawed, and totally indoors..I live on a second floor apartment with a closed deck that

My cat is very healthy except for being over weight. I exercise her by playing with her and getting her to move but for the most part she is pretty inactive.

Asked by Member 1136274 on Oct 17th 2012 Tagged food in Food & Nutrition
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Joey (In Memory)

Okay - diet time. I had a 22lb cat at one time in his 13+ years - he is now a healthy 15lbs. I too lived in a small apartment and he was very inactive. Joey had an episode of bladder stones - and following his surgery was put on an all wet food diet to help prevent the stones from forming again. Instantly I noticed a change in his energy level - just from getting off the dry food. He now eats 3oz of wet for breakfast and 3oz of wet for dinner - occasionally he will have a hungry day and then he gets a teaspoon more of wet before bed. Switching to all wet food alone increased his energy and as the pounds started to come off we started play time! Got him running around chasing toys for 15 min a night. Then we adopted a playmate - and he runs around all day and night now. Food choices are a hot topic on these boards and there are lots of opinions - this is what worked for my big boy - it may work for you. 7lbs lost in 6 years - slow and steady loss - happy kitty! Good luck!

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