My daughter and I have brother perisan cats. They won't be a year old until Dec. 31 and we are thinking about shaving t

Asked by Member 1061704 on Oct 6th 2011 Tagged montholdpersian, lioncutornot in Grooming
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If you and your kitties live in a place that is warm year-round, you may want to keep their coats cut short often.

Otherwise, they're going to need their winter coats to stay warm and I recommend cutting the coats toward the end of spring or the start of summer.

If you are concerned about heat and or coat care, you can have the groomer cut your cat's coat to short or medium so they still appear somewhat fluffy but the coat is cooler for the kitties and more manageable for you.

I recommend a short to medium cut and a very close trim around the hind quarters on the back legs. That last part helps keep kitty cleaner in the litter box area.

Most any groomer can go over the options with you for styles and when to get the cut.
PetCo/Smart are usually very friendly.

I do not recommend DIY if you do not have prior experience.

Also, don't panic if the kitties seem miffed with you soon after the cut. They'll be fine again in no-time!

Pet much and brush often!
Happy Grooming! = )

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I definitely don't recommend a lion cut if you live in an area where it will be getting colder soon. I keep most of my Persians in full coat because I am able to brush them regularly and there is no need for shaving. But my Lucy has such a dense coat that it gets matted no matter how hard I try. She gets a lion cut in the Spring but I would never attempt it myself. Cat groomers are often harder to find because it is a difficult task. My vet's office does grooming so I use them. Right now she does have mats on her belly, chest and armpits but I will only have that area shaved and not the whole body so that she will not be cold. Lucy does look cute in her lion cut. If you do decide to do this yourself, please be sure to leave the poof on the end of the tail. It is not just for looks. Persians will not recognize their own tail if it is all shaved. My poor Carly was shaved at the shelter where I got her and that rat tail keeps sneaking up on her and she seems upset by it.

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