My cats weird behavior after a play date with a kitten. HELP!!!

I have an 11 month old silver tabby and my boyfriend just got a new kitten who is about 2 months old. He brought his kitten over to play with mine and they instantly hit it off. They played with each other all day. The next day when the young kitten was gone, I noticed my cat acting really strange. He crouched really low to the ground and backed up abut 5 feet as if he was scared of something or something bit him. He now is walking very slow, even with a slight limp. He will just lay down anywhere now and make a low pitched loud meow. He also hides under my bed when he never used to. I can't tell if it is stress from the baby kitten coming over the day before or if he is hurt. Is this something I should be extremely concerned about?

Asked by Member 1182000 on Jul 23rd 2013 Tagged cat, kitten, playdate, behavior, hides in Behavior & Training
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Orion Hemingway

YES, that kitten could have gotten your cat very sick. It is not wise to introduce a baby without its shots to a healthy adult. Bring your cat to the vet NOW. The kitten could have fleas, worms, fungus, feline aids, etc. Get your cat checked out ASAP, and do not let your cat near another animal without its three sets of shots (whether dogs or cats!!!) ^_^

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