My cat.Ryder.A tuxedo kitty, Hes a little over a year old. Well hes "house trained" sprays outside

Well when he came home yesterday I noticed on his hind leg he has a bald spot with a "scab" type thing in the middle. So I put a little tiny bit of bacitracin ointment on q-tip, then wrapped it in paper towel an used medical tape. He wasn't to happy but leaves it alone for the most part.Then tonight I took it off to check it an it looks
the same. So I did same. So im going to
keep it wrapped untell I know for sure its not contagious because I also have a puppy.
So please let me know if you have any clue
on what it could be or what I should do. Thank you!

Asked by Member 1072128 on Nov 21st 2011 in Illness & Disease
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Izadore (Izzie)

"Because bacitracin works on specific types of bacteria, it may not have an effect on a cat's infected skin wound if different bacteria are present. If bacitracin does not aid healing of the cat's wound after several days, consider having a veterinarian take a culture of the wound in order to identify the bacteria present, and therefore the appropriate antibiotic to use for treatment."...from eHow. If the bald spot looks the same, or starts spreading, gets red, starts leaking pus or blood, you must get him to a vet as soon as possible. It might not be a wound, but could be ringworm which is highly contagious. Most vets will treat first and worry about payment later if you bring in an injured or sick animal. If your cat is not neutered ("fixed") please have this done. If he is not neutered, he will continue to spray and will also spray indoors. He will be more prone to fighting with other cats. And, he will be adding to the already overwhelming overpopulation of cats in our country.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 11/21/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer