My cat won't use the litter box, and she is making herself throw up because of it. Help!?

My cat, Lacey, will not use the litter box ever since we got a kitten, last year. Lacey only goes outside, but since winter has set in, she can't go outside, and she refuses to use the litter box. She's making herself sick, like literally throwing up, because she will not go. She has also gained quite a bit of wait. She loves to eat, but if she eats too much, she'll throw up. She's been having diarrhea, too. NOT in the litter box. Tell me if i am being paranoid, but is this a serious illness my cat has, or is it just because she eats too much and won't go?

Asked by Member 1118323 on Jan 9th 2014 in Health & Wellness
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Panda Bear

You need two boxes for two cats. You can add another box on the opposite side of the house. If the kitten goes in it that's okay, but it gives Lacey more room to do her business undisturbed. She will throw up if she has been eating the kitten food, so feed each of the cats separately. Add Dr. Elsey's litter attractant to the boxes to encourage her to go, and if you have changed litter brands recently, revert to the previous brand. I'm not so sure that the kitten is what is making her sick. Please bring her in to the vet to be checked out... she might have a uti or a bladder infection that require medicine to heal and not cause damage. ^_^

Panda Bear answered on Jan 9th.

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