My cat was recently diagnosed with end stage kidney failure and will not eat anything but friskies....

A few weeks ago is noticed my 3 year old cat looked and was acting very sick. I took him to the vet and she tested his blood and said he had barely any kidney function. She gave him fluids and gave us fluids to take home to give to him once a week. Before I took him to the vet, I had switched his food to Wellness, and he liked it the first day, but after he went to the vet he will only eat friskies wet food or friskies treats. The vet gave us Hills I/d and k/d but he won't even go near any of his food with he Hills on his dish. I've also tried I and love and you patte food, but had no luck. He went back to the vet a few days ago and although he looks and is acting better, his kidney function went down more and he is now in the end stage. I know friskies isn't good, but if it's the only thing he will eat is it okay to just give it to him, since he's hungry? Or should I keep trying to find a new food for him? This is so sad and frustrating.

Asked by Member 1201149 on Nov 24th 2013 Tagged cat, kidneyfailure, renalfailure, friskies, wellness, food in Illness & Disease
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Panda Bear

Mix the friskies with the prescription food in an amount so that he will eat it. Quality of life is very important at the end, so you still need to try and do what is best for him. He could surprise you and hold on for another four months. Find a balance between what he likes and needs, and add TWO MORE water bowls. Fluid intake is extremely important. Add ice cubes or do whatever he likes to make sure he drinks and eats. Sorry for your impending loss at this happy time of year, and avoid giving him any human food, even if he begs. ^_^

Panda Bear answered on 11/27/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


It is really hard to believe that a 3-year old cat is suffering from end stage renal failure. My cat started suffering from chronic renal failure around 10 years old. She lived for 14 more months, but I had to give her sub-Q fluids three times a week. You need to speak to your vet, as once a week is not enough. I know from experience. Also, I gave my cat Royal Canin can food which is available by prescription only. I purchased it by the case. It is costly, but if the other foods are not working, you need to try something else. In the end, I gave my cat anything she wanted, including Gerber baby food. The best ones were the turkey or chicken flavors. Only use Gerber, as they don't have any onion or garlic powder in them. You will know when your cat is getting worse when he starts to do crazy things. Some examples are: 1) sucking on his bedding, 2) walking like he is drunk; and 3) trying to eat cat litter, to name a few. I wish you the best of luck. It is a difficult time.

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