My cat was hit by a car,hasnt been drinking water,the vet said he needs electrolytes,can i feed him plain chicken broth?

he was hit by the front bumper of a car on 2/27/13 once hit by the car he ran off while the right wheel ran over his tail and mustve popped it out of place and broke his pelvic bones, he ran and hid. he has broken disks and has lost function of his pelvic region and with a limp tail that is paralyzed, though he still has function of all four legs. there is a chance the paralysis can spread to his body. he is on 3 different medications 1-pain reliever 2-steriods,anti-inflammatory, 3-bladder relaxer(which makes it easier to express his bladder) i must help him pee by applying pressure to his bladder. he may regain the nerves and recover. he ate a little bit of plain shredded boiled chicken, but i havent seen him drink any water. when its time for his medications i open his mouth and its extremely dry im worried. im wondering if plain chicken broth that i make at home with no seasonings is ok to give him? if he drinks it that is.

thank you so much for any advice you can give me

Asked by Member 1157566 on Mar 1st 2013 Tagged chicken, broth, cat, car, electrolytes, drinking, water, dehydration in Food & Nutrition
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Angel Lucy Liu(1-5-10/10-29-15

Take your kitty back to your vet&tell your vet your kitty isn't drinking water. Its possible your kitty has injuries that weren't apparent at first or your kitty may simply be too sore to eat or drink. Ask your vet to show you how to tell if your kitty is dehydrated. Also ask your vet to show you how to give your kitty subcutaneous fluids (fluids under the skin) to hydrate him&ask how much fluid to give&how often. Giving subcu fluids is simple to do&it can literally be a lifesaver for a dehydrated cat.

A balanced chicken flavor canned food is better for your kitty than plain chicken or you can try cutting his chicken into small pieces, mixing it in canned food of a flavor he likes & adding some water to the mixture to make it soupy to help get more liquid into him.

I have a kitty here who was hit by a car with similar injuries although less severe than your kitty suffered. You can read more about her injuries and progress in her diary.

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