My cat vomits every other day. She eats as fast as she can and doesn't even attempt to chew...

We adopted Sylvia from a shelter in town, and I understand that when she had the chance to eat she had to eat as much as she could as fast as she could considering she shared a room with 30 or more cats. She has kept this habbit even though she's been with us for almost a year. We found almost immediately that she wasn't the type of cat you could just leave food out for. Anyway she gets a total of 1/2 cup a day, in two separate meals. And she often vomits in the morning. In my dresser drawers, on the window sill, in my bedroom floor, in the carpet... I would understand if there were hairballs involved, that was the case once, but most of the time it's only undigested food, whole chunks... she doesn't chew.... Anyway... I just want some tips to lessen the vomiting or stop it all together...

Asked by Member 1154196 on Feb 8th 2013 Tagged food, vomit in Health & Wellness
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Have your kitty checked by the vet to make sure she has no illness or obstruction or foreign body etc in her digestive system. Tell your vet all your kitty's symptoms. Other possible causes of vomiting include anxiety issues, food allergies, etc. Your vet can also give you medication for your cat that will help control her vomiting.

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