My cat Thunder had 5 kittens a few days ago. My other cat Minnie has started peeing on my son's bed. What can I do to st

Asked by Member 1197519 on Nov 3rd 2013 Tagged peeing, kittens in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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Bezalel Tiger

This is one of the many advantages of spaying/neutering. You need to remove all linens and wash them with a urine removal product. Buy a waterproof mattress pad and scrub any of the soiled mattress with the urine remover. Feed the momma while she's nursing and kittens (when ready) with healthy kitten food like Natural Choice, available at pet stores. Purchase a blacklight to know where to scrub, because cats will continue to soil any areas that smell like their own pee. She is scenting her territory due to the new intruders (that you will need to find good homes for). Spend more time with her than before and give her treats to show her that she is still special, and make a future appointment for Thunder and Minnie to get spayed!! ^_^

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