my cat seems to discharge a clear odourless fluid after resting but otherwise is very active and healthy any advice?

Female, 4 years old, great apetite, very active, not overweight. she is an indoor cat and not fixed. Its not a great deal of fluid, but constant and stains. its only happened the last couple of weeks, we haven't seen a vet yet. Other than that she seems very active and healthy. Any info would be greatly appreciated. THANKS VINCE

Asked by Member 1134430 on Oct 6th 2012 Tagged discharge, odourless, colourless in Illness & Disease
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Im not sure if you mean kitty is discharging fluid from her privates or not...
Some vaginal discharge can be normal in female kitties,but sometimes it can be a sign or symptom of other problems including urinary tract infections and also infections and or problems in the reproductive tract and as your kitty is not spayed

( Have you thought about getting her spayed? If not check out this link if you like.. )

I would suggest getting her to the vets, its always better to have her checked over and they may offer to take a sample and do a blood count.
Hope you are both well, and all the best

Batfink answered on 10/6/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer