My cat refuses to eat, what should I do?

Two months ago, we started putting fish oil on our cat's food to keep them healthier and for them to have a shiny, soft coat that was recommended from our vet. They did not complain about the food, and it seemed like they enjoyed it at first. But then I seen that they have barely eaten from the last time we fed them.

So my mom, told my dad that for one week we should not add any fish oil to our cat's food and see how they eat without the fish oil in their dry cat food. So, we tried that, and it seemed that they ate more of the food without the fish oil. However my other cat's coat became hard with dander, and my other cat is now throwing up every where.

So then we added the fish oil again, but now both of my cats (boy and girl, both 10 years old) refuse to eat! What should I do? They seem so unhealthy without the fish oil, and now they might die of starvastion or something! Please help! I'm begging you, my cat is like a best friend to me...Please...

Asked by Member 632281 on May 12th 2008 Tagged cat, will, not, eat, pleasehelp, ten, yearsold, dander, old, food, nutrients, fish, oil, dry in Pet Food
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How much fish oil are you using per meal? I would think much more than a few drops would be too much and irritate their tummies (kinda how you feel after eating a really greasy meal). Maybe you could just use in in one meal a day or mix it into a little canned food as a "treat" once a day. (since canned foor has a stronger flavor and would hide the oil better)
Do you bathe your cats frequently? Cats are like self cleaning ovens and dont't need to be bathed unless they're obviousdly dirty. Washing them in the tub with pet soap too often can dry out their skin. If you do wash them they have cat conditioner at pet stores.
Maybe you could give them some oily fish as a snack instead of the fish oil by istself. Kippers (found near the sardines and tuna in the grocery store) are a very oily tasty fish that my cat always wants to share with me when I open a can.
Brushing your cat can help stimulate the skin to produce more natural oil and exfoliate away the dry skin and loose fur

Tipper answered on May 12th.

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Izadore (Izzie)

Calm down, calm down! A healthy domestic cat with food available will not starve itself! My cats won't eat food with fish oil on it and either will my dogs. I think your cats are probably pretty confused right now about their food and might not trust what's in their bowl since it's been "messed around with". If you aren't brushing them regularly, you might want to start as that does wonders for their skin/fur. If your other cat is truly "throwing up everywhere" then she needs to go to the vet, but if it's once or twice then it's probably hairballs. If your cats have a wet food that they love, try feeding that to them for a few days, or maybe a little human tuna or deli turkey. This isn't a healthy diet for the long term, but it might get them back to the bowls again. There are many foods out there that are for healthy skin/coat that you don't have to add anything to. But don't just switch to a new food. You have to add a little of the new food at a time or you will upset their stomach

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 5/13/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer