My cat pees WAY TOO MUCH- but she is NOT sick! Been to the vet several times but NO answers! Read details for more info!

I have a cat that is less than a year old. She pees literally more than 3 cats combined. We have been to the vet NUMEROUS times and she's been given treatments for a UTI twice and that still wasn't the solution. She doesn't have kidney problems and we've tried different things with her diet. Hard food, soft food, hard and soft food combined, and have tried several different brands. She's had SEVERAL tests for various different things common in cats (like diabetes and tests I can't even remember what they were called.) We have to change her litter box completely almost twice a week now. Then if we don't notice her litter box is completely soiled soon enough she will pee on a item of clothes on the ground. She's even peed on my roommate's bed before. She is also obsessed with water. We thought that was the reason why she was peeing so much because she just loved drinking water, so we tried to give her the minimal amount a cat her size needs a day, but then she would literally BEG for more water. She will meow and screech and won't stop until she gets some. I tried adding the soft food to her hard food so it would maybe give her the water she needs and I've tried to find foods low in sodium but nothing has solved the problem. And this is really starting to be a burden on our house so I'm just not sure what to do and I can't afford to have more expensive tests at the vet that give us no answers. What should I do?

Asked by Member 1211719 on Feb 14th 2014 in Other Health & Wellness
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Hmmm - reading this, my first thought was certainly diabetes, but you say that isn't it.

It might be worth going to a different vet and getting a second opinion; one of our family friends had their cat tested for diabetes and the vet read the chart wrong and said he didn't have it ... when the cat actually did (he sadly passed away from it going untreated.) The second vet read the same test and was astounded that the first vet didn't catch it.

I also found some web articles that might be helpful:

Keep looking for solutions. Cats are descended from a desert animal, the African Wildcat, so their kidneys should be very efficient - they can drink seawater if they have to (which is far too salty for us!) In other words, she definitely should not be drinking and peeing so much.

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