My cat pees on throw rugs, clothes, plastic bags, pillows, blankets, if they are lying on the floor.

He has been to the vet and there is no physical reason for him to pee on anything that is lying on the floor. No change in food or litter. He still uses litter box daily. I keep it cleaned. He is 11 yrs. od and has been with me for nine yrs. He started doing this a year ago. It's driving me crazy!

Asked by Member 1130329 on Sep 11th 2012 Tagged peeing, rugs, clothes, plasticbags in Behavior & Training
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I know how you feel. My Delilah is about the same age. When we moved here, she began occasionally using my bathtub and bathroom rug to pee and poo. If your cat has specifically been checked for a urinary tract infection and came out OK, then I'd say, like with Delilah, it's become a habit. I follow my own advice and have bleached the rug and she still uses it. I've gotten to the point that I leave a few inches of water in the tub to keep her out. You can try Feliway plug-ins, but those have limited success. You can also try putting out a few more boxes if you have room. And, since he qualifies as a senior kitty, ask about the possibility of "feline alzheimers". I've found the best offense is a good defense. Keep stuff off the floor. I no longer use the bath rug. Keep him vetted as he ages. Keep cleaning up his "mistakes" with enzyme or oxy-cleaners. Unfortunately, litter box issues are about 85% of the questions we get here, so it's not a unique problem, but it's annoying just the same

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