My cat is very fat, he doesn't get much exercise. What can I do to get him more active.

Asked by Member 1071182 on Apr 12th 2012 in Behavior & Training
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First put him on a low calorie premium diet... iams. diet. Friskies or meow mix is a death sentence. Go to a petstore. It may seem more expensive at first but its concentrated they eat less poop less and digest more. Easier on Kitty's digestive track easier on your litter budget and since they digest what they eat their poop is dry odorless fiber. Animals or humans cannot digest the beaks, feet and road kill found in fancy feast. It should be called fancy feet. Feet are a major source of so called protein in Your good old Purina cat chow. It don't count. If they can't digest it. Its like us eating a leather shoe. Oh diet and exercise is the key to longevity for all mammals. Get a laser lite pointer to exercise Kitty. Just don't let them look directly into it. Yeah they know you're doing it. Just don't let them know you know they know or they might pee in Your shoe and blame the dog. Or ferret. Or the hampster. .your significant other. .
aliens you just never know

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You may want to consider switching his food to a lower calorie food. They will be labeled light, low calorie or weight management. I eat Evo Weight Management & it keeps my weight at a good level.

Also you should exercise him more. Get a laser pointer & let him chase it. Just don't shine it in his eyes. Get some toys with a string & let him run after the string while you drag it across the floor.

Twinkle answered on 4/13/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Laser pointers are definitely one of the best ways to get a cat up and moving. Catster's singing cat lady has a great little music video about how to safely exercise your kitty with a laser (and spare their sanity by giving them a toy they can wrestle afterwards)-

Another thing is making sure you have some sturdy, tall cat furniture for him to climb on. If you search around for cat trees on eBay you can snag some good ones that are over 4ft tall for well under $100. The ones with sisal rope posts are the best in my opinion, they really get us up and scratching, stretching, and climbing. Outdoors cats climb trees all the time for strength training and it really helps to recreate that opportunity indoors.

My people like to stand one on each end of the stairs and take turns summoning me for pets so I run up and down, but that seems like cheating and may not work for less attention crazy kitties!

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Switch to a canned food. Or make your own. Seriously.

When I switched my seven year old tubby tabby to a canned, grain-free food, I was absolutely amazed at how active he became. I strongly recommend Wellness. It's more expensive, but it's well worth it as far as I'm concerned. There were tons of positive results. He no longer has eye goop, his urine doesn't smell nearly as bad because he stays hydrated, his weight dropped off significantly, he no longer pukes up hairballs and/or stomach bile, and he doesn't wake me up at 3:00 AM to get fed anymore.

I will never feed my cat anything else ever again.

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Alfie - Angel DB#14

It's always a good idea to put his food bowl up the top of the stairs (if you have stairs), that way he has to climb up the stairs to get his food. Helps out on the exercise front.

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