Richard 'Weasley' Parker

My cat is peeing and pooping outside his litter box whenever he's away

I have family members who are allergic so ocassionally, my kitty has to stay at a friend's. He's very familiar with the apartment. However, he seriously misbehaves when he's away. He pees and poops outside his litter box. He, I'm assuming playfully, pounces on my friend constantly. Climbs all over everything. Thing he doesn't do when he's at home. What's oging on?

Asked by Richard 'Weasley' Parker on Feb 4th 2013 Tagged misbehaving, litterbox, peeing, poop, away in Behavior & Training
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Keep an extra large plastic dog crate at your friend's house for your kitty to stay in while he's there. Keep the kitty's litter pan, food, and water dishes in the crate. Your friend can let your kitty out of the crate to play if they want & then put a little canned food in the crate with the kitty when it's time to put the kitty back in the crate, to help the kitty associate going back into his crate with getting a treat. Crating the kitty at your friends when your friend isn't actively playing with or supervising your kitty won't hurt the kitty & it will make everything smoother for the humans involved.

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