My cat is not eating enough and is losing too much weight. He is a five year old male. He recently had a urinary

incident where he had crystals. He was trying to urinate all over the place without success so I took him to the vet. He got fluids, anti inflammatories and antibiotics as well as Royal Canin so. He got through that and was urinating fine. Well he either does not like the food or has no appetite or something else is wrong. I tried Hills and Purina wet and dry too. I have to hand feed him and even then he only eats a little before he refuses. I tried putting catnip on his food. I had feliway diffuser going for a while but now the weather has improved (I'm in FL) and the windows are open - so the diffuser won't work, right? I thought about taking him to the vet and probably will but I'm trying just to get him to eat more first. Going to the vet is stressful for him. Any advise? Please help.

Asked by Beeboo on Nov 11th 2009 Tagged flutdurinarydisease in Other Food & Nutrition
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If he won't eat any of the prescription foods from the vet another option is for him to eat regular food and get meds for the crystals. Ammonil is a med that cats can take instead of the prescription food if he has struvite crystals. Your vet can advise the correct medicine based on the type of crystal that BeeBoo has

Gogo answered on 11/11/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Because he has had urinary tract it could be an immune system problem. Hills do cd for cats with this and B12 injections will stymulate his appetite.The problem with utract is they usually keep getting it back, and it gets harder and longer to get rid of each time. If he is not given anything else he will when he is hungry eat whatever you put out for him. You need to take him to the vet, blood tests will tell if his immune system is down, if so your vet will give him something for that with the B12. Have you changed anything in your house or moved anything. Even moving a chair can cause stress, and stress is related to so many illnesses including utract. There is also another medication, which comes in a tube and is very rich in vitamins, you smear it on the gums and he will lick it off, this will help the weight probllem, i am sure that your vet will know what i talking about. Hope this helps i know how stressful it is for us when our cats are sick.

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