My cat is nice around my feet but will claw my hands (8 months)

My cat is 8 months and I've raised her from a kitten to where she is now. Very loving cat but I can never be around her because of an odd issue I have with her. She will be very loving and affectionate when she is only around my feet but when I level myself with her and start petting her she starts clawing my hands until I can free myself from her grip. I have gotten injured countless amount of times from this. Also, I am positive she trusts me because she lies on her side with her stomach exposed 90% of the time I am around her.

Asked by Member 1209009 on Jan 11th 2014 Tagged claw, handslegs, loving, months, claws, blood, trust, issue in Separation Anxiety
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Panda Bear

Your kitten wants to play. This is normal, and there is an easy fix for this. Buy or use a pair of rubber dish gloves to play with her. Your cat will learn that hard play will not happen until the gloves are on, and it ends when the gloves come off. You also need to buy more toys, scratchers and a cat condo so that she can entertain herself when you do not want to play. You can also buy toys like the cat dancer or laser machines that are interactive, but that you won't get clawed by when playing with her. Learn to cut her nails or take her to a groomer, because kitty nails are very sharp. ^_^

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