My cat is in danger

Hello I'm writing to you from Greece, my cat (she is 8 months old) has not eaten in 3 days, it's hard for her to even swallow water, she gags her eyes are blurry, she was drooling a little bit yesterday and her head was shacking like she had spasms! my vet is out of town and I tried to call the other 2 vets we have on the island but it was Wednesday (half day in Greece) and I couldn't reach them, today was a national holiday and again I could not reach them! She only drinks a little bit of water but I noticed that now she is starting to strech her neck forward like she is having trouble breathing, help please!!!

Asked by Member 1158422 on Mar 7th 2013 in Health & Wellness
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I am not a vet tech or licensed animal tech, but I am a Nurse. This kitty needs vet care, I did volunteer as a vet assistant). First do not attempt to swipe her mouth, do check to see if you see a foreign body. It sounds like she has a foreign body in her throat. Since no one on these threads can see her she needs to get to a vet ASAP.
I cant really advise too much, just the best thing is to get her checked out, check for 24 hour vets. the stretching her neck to breathe means she needs help

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I also am a nurse and I agree with the first response. As I was reading foreign body was the first thing I thought about. People do the same thing when something is lodged in their throat or if they are having esophageal spasms. Please keep us posted!! You must be freaking out right now, you definitely need to get to a vet. I hope all works out well!

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