My cat is going crazy, when he gets in the christmas tree he hisses and bites and meows,attacks my dog when he does this

My cat Oreo who is a male, around a year old, whom we got from a nice home right when he was weened, so as a kitten basically. He has always been agressive and playful, not really a cuddly kitty but whatever, he is cute. but since we put up the christmas tree he rubs his face on it and sniffs in constantly, it is a fake tree by the way. he jumps in it and lays, and while in the tree he gets crazy I can see it in his eyes, then when I get him out or he gets out on his own, he attacks my dog and hisses and meows loudly the dog has done nothing it will just be sitting on the couch and the cat will attack he only does this when he gets out of the tree before that he is himself, smelling the dog, rubbing his body on our legs, but its almost like the tree changes him... idk what to do i'm begging for help this is really urgent, we also just today, got him on Ovaban (I know its bad) and im just helpless, and I don't want to get rid of him... please help .

Asked by Member 1074352 on Nov 30th 2011 Tagged cat, male, aggressive, crazy, helpneeded, oreo in Behavior & Training
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Izadore (Izzie)

The Christmas tree is not a permanent fixture, so to "get rid" of Oreo is a rather drastic solution. There is something in the tree that's setting him off. He returns to normal when he's out of it, so that's what it has to be. His attacking the dog is called "misplaced aggression". The dog is there and available, so that's who Oreo's using to vent his hyperactivity. You don't have any catnip ornaments in the tree, right? Was it stored in a place where rodents or other animals could have gotten into it and left their scent?If he's a male, why is he on Ovaban? No vet I know of would ever recommend this stuff. If you are using this rather than having him fixed, you are very misguided. This is nasty stuff. His not being fixed could also be adding to the problem. 1st, get him off this stuff. 2nd, if you are truly desperate, take the tree down. Get a tabletop tree if you must. 3rd, have him fixed. And I'd be finding another vet as well.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 12/1/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer