My cat is constantly looking for food. Even after she just ate. Could you possibly give me an idea of what may be wron

Asked by Member 536216 on Nov 25th 2007 in Senior Pet
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My first guess is a tape worm. If you know this is not what it is then put kitty on schedule. I feed some can food in the morning, then again at night. I always have some hard food down.

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Izadore (Izzie)

My cats are the same way. They even get up on the dinner table with us and take food off my plate and for Thanksgiving, I had to lock them in the den. But with my "boys", it's a behavior issue more than anything else. They always have dry food down and get wet food twice a day. I agree with the other answer. If you haven't had her stool checked for worms, then you really should just to rule out any health issues. Does she seem too skinny? It's difficult to tell with cats--they ALWAYS look skinny to me. Try introducing (slowly--mix it with her other food), a higher quality food like IAMS, Purina One or Science Diet. They're a little denser than the supermarket brands and may fill her up. But do leave dry food down for her 24/7. If she knows food is always available, she may not stress out so much about eating.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 11/26/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


There could be MANY reasons. I would recommend taking her to the Vet. Parasites could be one reason. Intestinal parasites will rob your cat of vital nutrients. Another reason could be thyroid issues. Is your cat loosing weight despite eating constantly? Pregnancy and lactation could be another reason if she is not spade. I would consult with the Vet on this issue. He/She can do the proper tests to find out what is wrong.

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Odin( R.I.P  jULY 2008)

I agree with all of the other answers it could have something to do with any type of parasite. Go and get a check up and if nothing shows up in the test results it could be just the food that you are eating it may not have enough fibre in it to fill you and that is why you are always looking for food or it could also be a behavioral problem also that you need to get out of right away cause that could also get you into other problems and sickness when you eat something that kitties shouldnt eat

Odin( R.I.P jULY 2008) answered on 11/26/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Antoinette (Toni) (1985-2007)

I see that you listed this question in the "senior pet" category. I recommend taking her to the vet not only to check for parasites as others have suggested, but to do a senior blood panel. Hyperthyroidism is often the problem when older cats develop a voracious appetite but don't gain weight. If the cat is a senior cat, older than seven or eight years old, the range listed may still show the cat as normal even if the cat is hyperthyroid. (The tests often show the range for younger cats, which goes up to 4.0. Anything over 2.5 is considered suspect in older cats, and a further test, a free T-4, may be needed to confirm the diagnosis or rule it out.) This is something that is very important to treat. Leaving it untreated can cause heart damage. A senior blood panel will also show you how your kitty's kidneys and other organs are doing. Be sure to get a copy of any blood work for your records.

Antoinette (Toni) (1985-2007) answered on 11/26/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


My guess, too, is a tapeworm. I brought my cat home from the Humane Society ... vet found one on her fur, gave her a shot and that was the end of the tapeworm.

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Morgana - forever my soul

Antoinette is one smart kitty! I'd listen to her as she's lots older (22 yrs) & she probably knows all about this. One of the most common reasons for a cat to always be hungry isn't worms (as it may logically seem) but hyperthyroidsim. It's a fairly common health problem in older cats & by older, I mean even 9 years old & older! Parasites can cause a cat to be hungrier but they also tend to look sickly & you'll often seen signs of worms by their anus.

A simple blood test will tell if your kitty has hyperthyroidism or perhaps diabetes. That, too, can cause a cat to be hungrier than usual. With diabetes, you'll see that they're also much thirstier. They drink lots more & pee lots more too. For you & your cat's peace of mind, please get a blood test done for her.

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