My cat is constantly drooling and he is also opening and closing his mouth for ages... Does anyone know why?

He is almost a year old and goes out a lot, he's been drooling and opening and closing his mouth. When he opening and closing his mouth there is no meowing or anything just the noise of it opening and closing. Can someone help? He also has foam coming out of his mouth sometimes :S

Asked by Member 1176673 on Jun 23rd 2013 Tagged drool, cat, help, why, concerned, food, crazy, year, age, unsure, drooling, foam, omg, ew in Behavior & Training
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Does he seem irritable or acting differently? Is he eating or drinking? My cat did this once and turns out he has the cat flu. If you can open his mouth and see if it has any sores or anything. If it has sores that is why he is drooling. But I would get his checked out if he is acting oddly. Cats don't show sickness until it gets way worse.

Cosmo answered on 6/30/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer