My cat is always eating little bits of toilet paper and kleenexes...why is this, is this normal?

Hi I am Romeo, and I just love to munch on little bits of toilet paper that I can get a hold of, and a piece of mommy wants to know if this is ok. I am acting fine. But she worries about me.

Asked by Romeo on Jan 26th 2010 Tagged eating, behavior in Other Behavior & Training
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The condition is known as "pica" (pronounced PIE-ca) and is either a behavioral abnormality or evidence of nutritional deficiency. It happens in humans too. One useful source may be:
Playing with toilet paper and tissues is common in cats. What is dangerous is when they actually ingest the stuff. See:
for more information. A vet check is a must--to see if the stuff is lodged in the cat's abdominal system, or to figure out if the cat needs extra nutritional care. By the way, Romeo is a very handsome Maine Coon boy.

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