My cat is always bored.

My bombay cat Miles has a ton of energy and he gets bored with all toys. Because he can't burn off his energy he takes it out on our girl cat Aurora. We've tried all the popular toys the cat dancer, the taily toys and the laser toy, they all bore him after a couple minutes. In the spring/summer he plays outside which seems to be perfect for him to burn off energy but in the winter he just is bored all the time.

Asked by Miles on Jan 31st 2014 Tagged aggression, energy, play, toys, outside in Aggression
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Panda Bear

Try a window perch, cat condo (tree), 99 cent toys and the Cat's Meow toy with different speed settings. He might be torturing the girl cat because it is more FUN than toys, not because he has nothing to do. I would also try the cat babysitter DVD and DogTv (on DirecTV and you can probably order it on cable too). ^_^

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