My cat is a old unaffectionate cat, is there any way to fix this?

So we've had my cat since she was a kitten, she's an all black domestic shorthair. She was spayed at a very young age. We've always held her, ect. She's now 11 years old OH and she is the most vocal cat EVER. She meows when she's hungry, when she wants to say hi, when we get home, always. She will also meow when you call her name. When you put your finger out every single time she'll rub on it. I actually think it's become a habit because she has done that for years now.

So she has pretty much always been a very unaffectionate & grumpy cat, increasing with age. We actually think she might have a little bipolar disorder (hah).
So this cat is a female, she is very spoiled, which i beileve might be part of the problem.
First off she seems to dislike attention, she likes it at her terms, she functions as it's her way or the highway. Whenever we eat she sits by our side and everytime she gets fed, EVERYTIME. She usually sticks her face in my food regardless of if i push her away a little bit. She just started drinking out of our cups in the house. We give her fresh water everyday, possibly more then that. She does rub against us very often, occasionally sit on laps, only in winter though, but if you pet her for too long, usually more then 30 seconds she starts to bite. She has a little spot on the couch she lays on all day and sleeps. In the morning she has a certain person she meows to constantly until they wake up and let her out. We bring her in at night, if she wants to come in she sits by the living room window and meows till we see her. Occasionally when we bring her in (by calling of course) she runs to the door meowing, and then just stops, she look around just wasting time.. she decides she wants to sit there and make us wait for her to come in. If you put your face close to hers she licks it, for a very long time. She likes to scratch at windows and doors if she wants to go in or out, she also does that when we are in the bathroom, she follows us around the house most of the time if we arent in the same room as her. She also scratches shoes, she scratches everything (and we know she is not in need of attention) she does is regardless of whether we are watching or not, and if we make a noise so she'll stop she does right away. She does it again when we leave or look away... We went on a trip for three days not too long ago and when we got back she was crying and crying and crying, even a day after we were back. She also gets fed a mix of pumpkin and pate everyday because she has a sensitive stomach, we just call her name and ask her if she wants it and she runs straight to the kitchen meowing the entire time until she gets it. She lays on the floor, she has random outbursts of energy, she rolls around plays with toys.. but she hates affection and is always biting & scratching no matter what we do, she has a very low tolerance level & attacks very easily. There's probably more, but thats about all I can think of at the moment. One last things are she eats a special elderly cat food also. Haha.

Asked by Member 1117149 on Jun 23rd 2012 Tagged cat, old, mean, friendly, dislikesunknownpeople in Behavior & Training
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YOur cat actually sounds very typical - her way or the highway! She seems like a very sweet kitty who really misses you when your gone and enjoys being around you. Different cats have different levels of tolerance for being touched and petted. Some kitties love being petted for hours, other cats can only take a few minutes of it and then want you to stop. They let you know they're getting impatient by switching their tails rapidly, but if you're not paying attention, the next step is a little nip on the hand.

At 11, your kitty is a senior citizen, and may be developing some arthritis that makes being touched in certain spots painful. Also, she should have a thorough checkup and bloodwork. She's at the age when diseases like diabetes, hyperthryroidism, kidney problems, etc., start up. If she's not feeling well, that could make her cranky.

It sounds like you love her a lot.

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