My cat is 14 yrs old.

My cat is 14 yrs old. Just recently I've noticed him losing a lot of weight. When I pet him i can feel bones and I never could feel them before. He is an indoor cat and we've been feeding him purina one indoor formula. Now I've noticed his skin has turned yellow and I think it's jaundice but when we give him treats its like he's never ate anything before. Yesterday I decided to buy him a different brand of food and I bought him canned food. Right when I opened it he went crazy and started pushing his way in to the food. He ate the whole can and the drank water. My question is should i buy him a senior brand of food and buy him canned to fatten him up or is he really sick? What should I do?

Asked by Member 1176723 on Jun 23rd 2013 in Health & Wellness
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He sounds like he is very sick, not to scare you, but jaundice is a sign of liver failure. He needs a vet. Maybe they can just give you their opinion without having to do lots of tests. Hunger like that is also a sign of diabetes. If this were my cat, I would give him whatever food he wanted, however much he wants. Senior brand is not necessary at all, in fact, it usually has less calories than regular food, something he does not need, he needs more calories. He really needs to see a vet though, so you can get a diagnosis, and then if he is very ill, which it sounds like he could be, you will know how to handle his diet properly. I would avoid the stuff the vet sells, especially if he is in liver or kidney failure, jsut give him what he wants to eat, what he enjoys eating. Best of luck to you and kitty. 14 is no spring chicken, that's a pretty good age to get a cat to.

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Bezalel Tiger

I agree with Beep... definitely make a vet appointment asap! Rapidly losing weight is a sign that something is wrong with your pet... I hope that he gets well soon! ^_^

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