My cat hisses at his toy. Is this bad?

Howard loves to play. He especially loves anything on a wand. When I have been playing with him with his favorite wand toy he has started to hiss at it. It seems to be when he is reallllllly into it and the toy is going wild. He really goes for it and get the toy. He never tries to move away from it or looks angry, just excited. He seems to want to keep playing. If he is hissing, but seems excited in a good way to play, is it still bad?

Asked by Howard on Nov 4th 2013 Tagged play, hiss in Behavior & Training
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Panda Bear

No, this is instinctual and you can learn to appreciate your cat as a catcher of mice. Think of the little mouse as the enemy, and your cat is staying "I'm going to get you, ya little stinker!" This is a totally normal reaction, very harmless cat behavior (except to the mice). If you want to calm him down after time with this toy, try the cat babysitter dvd for him. A cat tree gives him a vertical place to hang out and observe as well. Meow to the world ^_^

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