My cat has swollen and hard areas under her teats. Should I be worried?

My 2 year old female Moxxi is letting the new kitten I adopted try to nurse. But... Moxxi is not pregnant, and has never been pregnant. She now has the swollen and hard lumps under her nipples now. Is this threatening to her health?

Asked by Moxxi on Jul 2nd 2013 Tagged health, swollen, lump in Health & Wellness
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Orion Hemingway

No, but the kitten is wearing her out and she may be frustrated from the experience. You should stop the behavior when you see it, and then distract her with a treat that is crunchy and soft like a Greenies SmartBite. Eventually they will both figure out that no milk is on the way, and you should encourage the kitten to eat with her. However, kittens need kitten-only food, so feed them both at the same time. Try MaxCat kitten in dry and wet, until the kitten is chomping solidly at 2x a day feedings and can receive the wet as a treat-only. Feeding only canned food (wet) can lead to peridontal disease rather quickly. ^_^

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