My cat has siezures and i am worried about her

my cat thomasina has had siezures for the past two years i have no idea what to do about it, euthinasia is out of the question im so sad please help

Asked by Member 1140534 on Jan 23rd 2013 Tagged health in Health & Wellness
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I have a little girl who has seizures. She was used as a bait kitten for pit bulls and suffered horrific head injuries when only a few weeks old. But she is about 7 now and did not develop seizures until she was about 4. Seizures are horrible to see as you well know and while we are not 100% sure of the cause she is on 16.2 mg. of phenybarbitol 2X a day and it has kept the seizures from occuring except for maybe 1 every 2 months or so......sometimes longer periods in between. How often does your baby have them. Maybe you can talk with your vet about medication. I am sure it will help.

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